Create Your Own Events

Have a scout troop or home school group? Have a fund raising idea? Just want to have a girls’ night out with your friends? Well, we have some great art events to suit those needs and much more! Check out our scheduled monthly events, workshops, or read on to create your own!

Field Trips

We are now offering exciting, original field trips for all ages and budgets! Painting pottery is just the beginning; we also offer Storytime Art, glass fusion, hand-building with clay, tie-dye, canvas painting and more!

Fundraising opportunities and fun badge projects

Our spacious studio has lots of room for any size group or troop!


Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts – Fundraising

Scouting has been a time honored tradition in the USA for over a hundred years.There are badge programs for scouts that cover a wide range of projects. Kelly Emmert has not only been a scout herself, but a troop leader as well, and understands how scouting can enrich kids’ lives. Feel free to contact us for events to earn badges or to participate in community-building fundraising. The kids have loads of fun and learn a lot in the process. Contact us today!

We are always eager to bean active participant in building community through local schools and charity groups. We have experience working with AISD and local charities such as Austin Empty Bowls to not only help promote, but to provide money-raising activities. If you would like to raise money in a fun and creative way please give us a call. We would love to help!

Group Events

                                         Ladies’ Nights

Build friendships, memories and relationships at The Art Garage

We help bring friends and colleagues together for fun and lasting memories.

Nothing brings people together like creating art. It provides the group a common project to work on while allowing them to be individuals at the same time. This is great for a group of friends looking to do something different and exciting, also allowing each person to have a keepsake to remember the party. Just give us a call and schedule your event today.

Corporate Team Building

We also do team building projects for companies and groups. We can even come to you for certain projects. Just give us a call and we can customize a team building event that works best for your team and your budget. Creating personalized mugs or plates are the most popular activities and every event has turned out to be a great time and a perfect team building event. Creating mugs and plates also helps reduce environmental impact and supply costs for companies that go this route.

Wedding and Baby Showers


Customized wedding and baby showers are a creative hit! Paint keepsakes for baby, tie-dye bibs and booties. Have your shower at The Art Garage and have a blast! We have custom baby and wedding shower packages. Please contact us to see what works best for you. We can build an event that is perfect for you and your friends.