Field Trip Story time

The Children’s Center of Austin, Planting a Rainbow Canvas Storytime

Field Trips

Field trips to The Art Garage are a great addition to your school, daycare, or camp curriculum!  We offer a variety of art projects that can be tailored to meet the needs of your program.  We’ve worked with many schools, camps and daycares in Austin and Dripping Springs including The YMCA of Austin, The Prep, and Country Home.

Art projects can be used to reinforce a concept or theme within your program, as well as help students develop creative problem-solving, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and express themselves in a positive and encouraging environment.


Field Trips at The Art Garage may include any of the following projects.

We are happy to discuss these options and help you decide what best fits your group! Please give us a call to answer any questions about our field trips!

  • Working with clay is a unique choice.  While clay is a great choice for field trips, it does require two visits to complete the project after firing.
  • Painting pottery is fun! We have hundreds of choices for pottery painting and may even be able to special order a specific item to fit your theme or curriculum. Great for all ages!
  • Storytime Art is a great choice for pre-schoolers and young elementary children field trips.  Making literary connections to art is always a hit!
  • Mosaic projects include frames, wall hangings and more!  This project does not require kiln firing and can go home with participants on the same day.
  • Tie-dying t-shirts for your class or camp is a great field trip!  It is ready to go home that day.
  • Glass fusion is a suitable choice for older kiddos’ field trips.  We recommend 8 years and up.
  • Canvas painting is a great way to learn new painting techniques, color mixing and have lots of fun!

No group is too small or large, and we can come up with the right project to fit any budget. For an additional fee, travel to your location may be available.  Give us a call at (512) 852-9900 to discuss project ideas, pricing, and availability!

Tie-dye Field Trip

During a field trip Verona Schoolhouse’s incoming students tie-dyed their school shirts.

Verona Schoolhouse in Tie-dye

Here are the Verona Schoolhouse students in their finished shirts!