Just show up and make some art! – Mosaics

Mosaics are so fun and so easy! The process is simple and there are endless possibilities with our selection of blanks and mosaic pieces. This is a wonderful activity for friends or a great opportunity to create a decorative piece that you could never find in a store.  Plus, it’s one of our few walk-in offerings that doesn’t require kiln firing, so you can take your artwork home the same day you create it!

There are party options as well, Click Here for those!


No Reservations Required – All Supplies Included!

We can set up special events for big groups but you can drop in any time. The Art Garage has a lot of blanks to choose from like Mirrors, Wall Hangings and Frames in a variety of sizes and fun shapes. This allows you to customize your home with the exact color you want. It is a lot of fun!

Making Mosaics are great for a  ladies’ night out, and is perfect for just about all ages and any perceived artistic ability. Really its a great thing to do if you want to get lost for a bit or to catch up with friends. Projects start at about $22. Please, call ahead for groups of 6 or more.


What is Mosaic?

Mosaics have been being created for at least 4000 years dating back to Mesopotamia. It is a great example of human creativity and resourcefulness and frankly there are some amazing works of art. You can find wonderful examples from antiquity and right here in Austin Texas. Public displays such as Farrah Faucet on Oltorf (Shout out to Stefanie Distefano) and the amazing installation at Deep Eddy pool (shout out to Wanda Montemayor for heading that up) are just a couple.  There are so many!

Mosaic is made by using pieces of pottery,  glass, shells or just about anything you can think of. Then they are set into a plaster to create patterns or images. The Art Garage has mostly glass and shells and sometimes pottery for you to create with. Again it is a same day project so no firing required. We cannot wait to see you!