Mosaics are so fun and so easy! The process is simple and there are endless possibilities with our selection of blanks and mosaic pieces. This is a wonderful activity for friends or a great opportunity to create a decorative piece that you could never find in a store.  Plus, it’s one of our few walk-in offerings that doesn’t require kiln firing, so you can take your artwork home the same day you create it!


Pick your “blank.”  We have lots of frames, mirrors, and fun hanging plaques to choose from.  There are butterflies, hearts, flowers and more!

Picture frames and mirrors are the most popular, but there’s a mosaic project here that will suit any artists’ tastes. Prices start from about $15, and as usual that includes all materials, instruction, and studio time.  No hidden fees here!


Design your mosaic!  Pick and choose from our huge selection of beautiful tiles and glass to arrange and glue to the surface of your mosaic blank.  We’ll also teach you how to cut glass to shape your pieces if desired!

This is definitely the most fun part of the process, where you choose colors and create your design for a completely unique artwork!


Take your beautiful art home the same day!

After waiting at least 24 hours for the glue to set, grouting your mosaic piece is easy. There are three colors of grout to choose from, and we even send home a disposable tub and instructions to make this final step no problem to complete at home!