Create an Event with The Art Garage!

We are Event Specialists!

We do many types of events at The Art Garage and out in the world. Our project focused events allow teams to express themselves in unique ways that are perfect for bringing people together in a meaningful way. These team building events are always a big hit and are 1000% better than a ropes course or trust falls. Why? The group approaches the same project from a unique perspective, conversations begin and they can enjoy each other as individuals with talents perhaps unrealized. Most people enjoy or will find they enjoy creating art. Strong companies are like families and need to be nurtured and our events bring out the best in people.

We also host showers, ladies nights and are super popular for local scouting troops. Area camps and many AISD schools often schedule field trips as well. We have a lot of experience with all of these and more and can help you set it up so you do not have to recreate the wheel! Just give us a call.