Clay Parties!

Clay Parties are an unique and fun way to celebrate with your friends! Guests will learn about the stages of clay and make their very own clay artwork! This party needs two weeks to be ready for pick-up so we can ensure that the clay dries out completely before firing it. The end result is functional, super cute, and one-of-a-kind.

For more information on private party rooms and scheduling,
give us a call 512-852-9900 (Oak Hill) or 737-330-3289 (Brentwood) to Book!
We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Poof! Plates

Poof Plates are endlessly customizable and such a blast to create!  Each guest will design their own clay plate using fun stamps, rollers, and our very special “Poof!” technique!  Each plate will be painted during the party, then fired in our kiln to make them food-safe.  We’ll gift-wrap your creations and they are ready to pick-up two weeks after your party!

Age: 9+
Gold Party Package: Pricing starts at $325 for 8 guests
Call 512-852-9900 (Oak Hill) or 737-330-3289 (Brentwood) to Book!