Drop-In Anytime to Create with Glass Fusion!

You can come in anytime you want, create designs of different color glass of all shapes and sizes and we will melt it into bowls, plates, ornaments, jewelry and all sorts of things. For example you can choose your own color pallet and make your own custom light pendants for your home that will look amazing.

Imagine that. Custom, beautiful hand made functional glass art that you created. No appointment required and groups are welcome. You are welcome to carry in your own drinks so come on out and create with us!

There are party options as well, Click Here for those!

At The Art Garage we fuse glass. How awesome is that? Just Walk in!

We do offer special events (call us!) and glass fusion art parties, but you can also drop in anytime to work with glass. Even if you have no experience yet, we’re happy to introduce you to our glass studio and show you how the process works.

You’ll choose from hundreds of projects including glass fusion jewelry, sun-catchers, night lights, dishes, bowls, lamps, and more.

Then, our friendly staff will show you how to cut, grind, and shape glass to your desired design. We have tons of beautiful glass to choose from and lots of ideas around the studio to inspire you. When you’re all done, we’ll fire your art in our glass kiln and your project will be ready to pick up a week after you create it (or 2 weeks for 3D projects).

Glass fusion makes for a unique ladies’ night out, a great teen or tween birthday, or is a new and fun thing to do for an afternoon out with a friend. Projects start at about $25. Please, call ahead for groups of 6 or more.


Please, know that this type of art is fun and somewhat unpredictable. The glass may not melt exactly how you think. We can advise you on how things may turn out, but know there is no 100% percent predictability on what the final piece will look like. That’s part of the excitement of kiln-fired art!