Real art curriculum taught by certified art teachers in a positive, encouraging, and engaging environment!  Read more about Summer Art Camps here, or for more specifics on age groups click here.

Art camp runs Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm with additional care available from 9-10am and 2-6pm.  Early & Aftercare is just $7 per hour per child, and includes crafts, games, and movies that are in line with the week’s themes.

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Give us a call at (512) 852-9900 to find the perfect camp for your young artist!

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Rainbows Art Camp (ages 4-6)

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We will draw our inspiration from literature for this week with a focus on color.  Campers will create clay rainbow fish, paint a beautiful ceramic rainbow bank, and a Planting a Rainbow canvas painting. Young artists will learn all about color mixing, create rainbow tie-dye t-shirts, and much more!  You’ll be amazed at all the colorful creations they bring home this week! ($269)

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Emoji Art Camp 2 (ages 7-10)

This camp is all about emojis and the history of pictures as language.  Did you know that the word emoji comes from two Japanese words and only coincidentally sounds like the english word emotion? We’ll have fun drawing and painting our favorite emojis on pottery and canvas. ($269)

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Austin Hipster Art Camp 2 (ages 10-13)

Paint a beautiful canvas of the Austin Skyline, create a cool fused glass wildflower sun-catcher, paint your own Austin art-guitar pencil holder, and tie-dye t-shirts.  We’ll also create graffiti art, paint a ceramic hipster mustache and more. This camp is for those so hip, they can’t possibly be hipsters! ($269)

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Fairytales Art Camp (ages 4-8)

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We’ll take our inspiration for art from our favorite fairytales each day.  We’ll create with clay, paint pottery, tie-dye t-shirts and so much more. ($269)

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Monet’s Garden Art Camp (ages 8-13)

Learn about the life and art of Claude Monet and the Impressionists.  We’ll create a waterlily clay sculpture, paint a famous Monet on canvas, paint pottery flower vases and paint a seascape in Monet’s style. ($269)

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give us a call at (512) 852-9900!

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