Fuse Glass


When people hear The Art Garage talk about fusing glass, some get just a little nervous. I mean we are talking about melting glass, and that is pretty serious, right?

The short answer is yes, but it is important to realize that at no point will you be near any melting glass. You may, however, get the opportunity to learn about cutting and grinding glass. Some projects are recommended for adults and kids that are eight years and up.

Create fused glass jewelry, sun-catchers, tiles, night-lights, lamps and more!


Please, know that this type of art is fun and somewhat

unpredictable. The glass may not melt exactly how you think. We can advise you on how things may turn out, but know there is no 100% percent predictability on what the final piece will look like.

Check out our Classes and Art Parties for more opportunities to work with glass fusion! This makes for a unique ladies’ night out, is great for teen or tween birthdays, or is a super thing to do for an afternoon out with a friend. Projects start at $15. Please, call ahead for groups of 6 or more.

fused-glass-lamp-pendant-light-class-AustinGlass Facts

Glass is fired in the kiln for about 8 hours at temperatures up to 1800 degrees.
The glass melts, and then slowly cools, which joins the cut glass into one solid, fused piece.