August Art Camps

MissAmanda-TheArtGarageReal art curriculum taught by certified art teachers in a positive, encouraging, and engaging environment!  Read more about Summer Art Camps here, or for more specifics on age groups click here.

Art camp runs Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm with additional care available from 9-10am and 2-6pm.  Early & Aftercare is just $6 per hour per child, and includes crafts, games, and movies that are in line with the week’s themes.

We’re here to help!

Give us a call at (512) 852-9900 to find the perfect camp for your young artist!


Knights and Princesses (ages 4-7)

10514605_10152963570877786_2609414111904610200_nIn this magical camp, our art will be inspired by knights, castles, dragons and princesses.  Campers will paint pottery princesses & knights, create watercolor castles, design our own shields and so much more. ($269)


Hogwarts Art Camp  (ages 7-10)

We are celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday!  Artists will create magical art projects inspired by the wizards, teachers and creatures of Harry Potter!  Projects will include hand-building with clay, painting pottery, creating glass fusion deathly hallows pendants and so much more! ($269) 

IMG_3843Dragons Art Camp  (ages 10-13)

We are pretty excited about this one!  Learn about and draw and paint dragons from different cultures.  We’ll sculpt clay dragon castles, paint a ceramic dragon figurine and create a really cool glass dragon eye pendant. ($269)

AUGUST 7 – 11: Pop Art week!

Rainbows Art Camp 2 (ages 4-7)

IMG_9010We will draw our inspiration from literature for this week with a focus on color.  Campers will create clay rainbow fish, paint a beautiful ceramic rainbow cup, and a Planting a Rainbow canvas painting. Young artists will learn all about color mixing, create rainbow tie-dye t-shirts, and much more!  You’ll be amazed at all the colorful creations they bring home this week! ($269) 

Emojis Art Camp  (ages 7-10)

IMG_6768_2This camp is all about emojis and emotions in art!  We’ll have fun drawing and painting our favorite emojis on pottery and canvas, and explore emotions in art. ($269) 

Comics and Graphics Art Camp  (ages 10-13)

10455994_10153085477437786_240394655091151764_n-2Be inspired by popular cartoons like Adventure Time and create your own cartoon drawings.  Learn about the history of comics and Pop Art artists, like Roy Lichtenstein; create a canvas in his style.  Draw a graphic novel page for your favorite book, learn about the beginnings of animation, explore print making and so much more! ($269)


Fairyland Art Camp (ages 4-8)

IMG_9378This camp is going to be completely magical.  We will paint adorable fairy ceramics, make fairy wands and tie-dye fairy t-shirts.  Campers will draw fairy self-portraits, create fairy gardens, make a fairy charm bracelets and so much more.  The last day we will have a fairy dress-up party! ($269) 

Bonjour Art Camp  (ages 9-13)

10501612_10153016277762786_7715630470806371751_nOooh La La, this camp will be magnifique!  Learn all about the French Impressionists, the Eiffel Tower and French culture as we explore art in France.  Artists can expect to paint ceramics and canvas, make jewelry, tie-dye and so much more! ($269) 

Monet Art Camp  


For more information and to register,

give us a call at (512) 852-9900!

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