Kids Art Classes

Fall 2017 Art Classes for Kids


Kids Art Classes at The Art Garage are one of our favorite offerings! Our after-school pick up program ART SCHOOL  incorporates our Kids Art Classes into an after school child care program! Students are welcome to enroll in the after-school art classes without pickup, too!

Classes are held weekly and meet at our studio for 15 consecutive weeks, beginning the week of August 29 through the week of December 12. All classes are taught by a certified art teacher and will include exploring and studying art processes, techniques, & art history. Our Art Classes for Kids below are each held from 4 to 5:30pm.  Classes are open to students ages 6 to 12.

Give us a call at (512) 852-9900 to find the perfect class for your kiddos!


Monday: Drawing

11015301_10153994317912786_261448870286843592_nLearn the fundamentals of drawing & mark-making!  We’ll explore drawing from the beginning with “a line is a dot that went for a walk,” all the way to observational drawing from life.  Students will learn methods and techniques to improve their drawing skills, including exploring proportion, perspective, shading, sight-measuring, and so much more.  Join us, and expect to have your idea of drawing expanded & enhanced!

*NOTE: Drawing class starts September 18th and the last day of class will be December 18th.  There will be no class on October 9 (Columbus Day) or November 20 (Thanksgiving break). Drawing (Mondays) is a 12-week session.

Cost: $300


Tuesday: Create with Clay

IMG_8513Miss Renai’s favorite!  Students will have the opportunity to learn all about clay and hand-building techniques, including slab-building, coil building, pinch & hand-sculpting, and working with plaster molds.  Each project will be sculpted, kiln-fired, and include a surface treatment to complete the artwork.  We will learn all kinds of glaing techniques, as well as non-traditional surface decorations that will expand your ideas of pottery!  You won’t want to miss this awesome class!

*Note: Clay classes start August 29 and the last day of class will be December 12th.  There will be no class on November 21 (Thanksgiving break).

Cost: $375


Wednesday: Drawing & Painting

painting-at-art schoolJoin us for a class exploring artists working in all types of 2D mediums, and use that inspiration to create our own masterpieces! We’ll work with watercolor & acrylic painting, collage, printmaking & more.  Students can expect to use their drawing skills in many of these projects, and explore the idea of combining materials and techniques to produce unique outcomes.  We’ll create with mixed-media collage and try our hand at printmaking, too!

*Note: Painting & 2-D Mixed Media classes start August 30 and the last day of class will be December 13th.  There will be no class on November 22 (Thanksgiving break)

Cost: $375


Thursday: Clay & Sculpture 


In this Sculpture class, we’ll create with clay, paper mache, fiber arts, recycled materials, book-making, and more.  Students can expect to learn about artists working in a variety of sculpture realms, and create a wide variety of projects that will allow them to explore sculpture in all its many wonderful applications!

*Note: Sculpture classes start August 31 and the last day of class will be December 14th.  There will be no class on November 23 (Thanksgiving break)

Cost: $375


kellyAndKidsTieDyeFriday: Fun Friday Art!

…which means experimental, experiential, ephemeral, exciting art experiences!  Think Andy Goldsworthy inspired collaborative sculptures, Magda Sayeg inspired yarn-bombing exploration, or Christo and Jeanne-Claude inspired site-based installations.  This class will build community, encourage collaboration and problem-solving, and be a very exciting way to experience art at The Art Garage!

*Note: Friday classes start September 1 and the last day of class will be December 15th.  There will be no class on November 24 (Thanksgiving break)

Cost: $375


Off-Site Kids Art Classes

We now offer after-school pick-up: ART SCHOOL !  If you are interested in your child attending Art Garage art classes after-school, consider this fantastic program that will pick your children up from local elementary schools and bring them to our studio for class.

Mt. Olive Preschool Art Enrichment

Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:15pm, dates TBA

Join us for an art class inspired by literature and color! We will learn all about the foundations of art while creating our own masterpieces. Young artists will explore and experience clay sculpture, drawing, painting, crafts, and more!

Register on-site at Mt. Olive Preschool